Revolutionary token backed by income from 20 projects with a total valuation

Secured by 20 projects

The ecosystem of projects that powers the X-World token.
More than $20 million of own funds already invested.

Each of the projects increases the capitalization of the token

Aladdin Market

Marketplace with a neural network for unloading and selecting products. A multidisciplinary, multilingual, multicurrency electronic platform.


A digital bank working with both international currency pairs and crypto tokens! The Bank’s task is to make using tokens as convenient and easy as using money.

Connect Plus

Messenger with auto-translation in 68 languages. It works even in places where global counterparts are banned. Built-in payment gateway and extensive ecosystem. Base of 1.5 billion users.

Digital Doubles

A user can entrust the artificial intelligence to manage their social media accounts.

Video Plus

Hosting for publishing, storing, streaming, renting and selling videos. Support for text, images and other metadata.

Real Estate Property

Hotels, malls, recreation centers and guest houses are also part of the total capitalization of the X-WORLD UNION token.

Webinar Plus

Online streaming and collaboration. World-standard HD quality video. Built-in chat. Backup and copying of data.

Web Plus

Intuitive website builder for landing pages, multipage sites and online stores. Does not require knowledge of programming languages.

Chat Plus

A web service, program and application for rapid exchange of text, audio and video messages. Data security and protection.

Mail Plus

Secure email hosting: antivirus, antispam, SSL encryption of all protocols. Corporate mail without advertising.

Sky Map

The world’s most comprehensive astronomical map of the starry sky in partnership with NASA and major astronomical centers.

Search Plus

Hardware and software for quick access to find the information you need on the Internet using a global database.

Disk Plus

Secure cloud storage, file sharing (text documents, audio and video content) and working with them.

Online Plus

A next-generation cloud platform for running and growing a business. Based on the principles of social communities on the Internet.

Photogram Plus

A cloud-based service for capturing, storing and sharing creative photos and videos. A set of tools for image editing.

Store Plus

An app, game, and multimedia store that allows users to purchase and install applications for the Android operating system

Academy Plus

Educational space on the Internet. Organize, automate and control training to grow your business, increase your income.


Ties.DB is the first public database for decentralized structured data storage and allows advanced search and documents modification.

Special features for token holders

XWU token holders receive special terms and discounts for all of the company’s products. And they can even earn even more tokens by being active.

X-Token is a payment tool
for all projects within the
X-World union ecosystem

Use the latest technology and services while earning an income!



— Launch of the first 3 projects

— Operating system design


— Creation of working prototypes for 2 projects

— Launch of development of 2 more projects


— Beta testing of 4 more projects

— Operating profit on 3 projects

— The media are beginning to write about us. Awards in international competitions for the creation of advanced technologies

— The contract with NASA

— Launch of 4 new projects

— Creation of a neural network


— Operating profits from projects over $5 million

— Beta testing launching of 4 more projects

— Running our own trainable neural network

— Development and launch of 5 new projects

— Successful beta testing of Cloud Storage. Beginning of the development of Tiesdb, the world’s first decentralized database

— (Revolution in the processing and storage of personal data, $150,000 worth of mathematical proof)


— Creation of a unified ecosystem

— Creation of working samples of the phone

— Launching a testnet with free internet and calls around the world

— Scaling up 4 projects generating more than 12 million in operating profit

— Industrial launch of a neural network for the Marketplace and other ecosystem products

— Launch of the messenger “Connect” with 10К testing users


— Creation of a unified infrastructure that integrates the development and products of 19 projects

— Scaling the marketplace with a multilingual neural network and different product categories

— The creation of the X-WORLD token, which incorporates the company’s developments and is also a payment tool within the ecosystem enabling token holders to receive income from the entire ecosystem

— Invested more than 20 million dollars of our own funds

— 5 services with operating profit were launched in full operation

— 6 projects ready to scale were created and fully passed the final testing

— 5 Projects in Alpha and Beta testing stages


— Entry into the international market of 4 projects: Aladdin Market, Digital Double, Video Plus and Photogram Plus

— Launching the X-PHONE into mass production

— Phone sales to XWU token holders

— Beta testing of the entire blockchain phone infrastructure with Multi-core software

— An increase in the number of messenger users by x10 in more than 15 countries

— Large-scale marketing campaign on the main areas of the company and tokenization of the entire project

— Token listing on 5 major crypto exchanges and CoinMarketCap

— Phase 1 of the X-WORLD Metaverse launch

— The launch of gamified ways of income in Metaverse


— Structural development of each project

— X-PHONE sales in 24 countries with unlimited calls, internet and a single infrastructure erasing all communication boundaries

— Full launch of all projects related to blockchain phone infrastructure, payment gateways

— Scaling 19 ecosystem projects to the world

— Phase 2 of integration with the X-WORLD Metaverse

— Increase in the number of users to 1.5 million in the ecosystem


— Inclusion of 5 more projects in the overall meta system and integration with new services

— The key objective is to create a unified ecosystem within X-WORLD

— Full ecosystem cycle from engagement to service delivery within the product line, with income opportunities for users

— Scaling 19 ecosystem projects to the world

— Increase in the number of users to 12 million people


— Become the No. 1 blockchain infrastructure company in the telecommunications, database storage and neural network market

— Become the largest aggregator in terms of the number of users using applications and resources within the blockchain ecosystem


Token name
Total emission
Total emission valuation
Rounds Tokens MAX %
of emission
action date
Closed presale
discount 90% - Х10
7,370,000 0.1% $0.16 $1,179,200 15.10-30.11.22 1% before listing /
Further 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% in the remaining months (21 months total)
Private round 1
discount 80% - Х5
7,370,000 0.1% $0.32 $2,358,400 1.12-15.12.22 2% before listing /
Further 4%, 5% and 6% in the remaining months (18 months total)
Private round 2
discount 67% - Х3
11,055,000 0.15% $0.48 $5,306,400 16.12-31.12.22 4% before listing /
Further 6% in the remaining months (17 months total)
Private round 3
discount 50% - Х2
11,055,000 0.15% $0.8 8,844,000 1.1.23 - 30.1.23 6% before listing /
Further 6% per month (16 months total)
147,400,000 2% $1.6 $188,672,000 31.1.23 No lock
Tokens for IEO at #1 CEX 442,200,000 6% $1.6 $707,520,000 Unlocked
Total 626,450,000 8.50% $913,880,000
Fully decentralized token with a 100% safety
Unites the entire ecosystem of 20 projects
Utility of the token: XWU gives you the opportunity to use each of the projects on best terms.
Our token is backed by two dozen of the world’s most promising projects, whose profits are channeled into X-token liquidity

Benefits of Binance Smart Chain

Token: XWU
Chain: BSC Binance Smart Chain (Bep 20)

Token unlock schedule

Real estate of capitalization of token

Hotels, Trading Markets, Holiday Bases and Guest Houses are also a part of the total capitalization of the X-World unions token.

Exclusive terms to become owner of X-token right now!

Guaranteed to get
when token is listed

The offer is limited

A maximum of 0.5% of the total token emission

Part of awards and
150+ media publications

X-WORLD UNION token price after presale - $1,60

Only a limited number of tokens can be purchased at a price of 0.16 cents

Each of the projects increases the capitalization of the token

Name 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years Total amout
for 5 years
% of liquidity Total for 5 years
PHOTOGRAM PLUS 36 000 000 54 000 000 108 000 000 192 000 000 240 000 000 630 000 000 25% 157 500 000
ALADDIN MARKET 220 000 000 409 900 000 596 000 000 1 000 000 000 2 127 000 000 4 352 900 000 25% 1 088 225 000
VIDEO PLUS 15 500 000 40 600 000 87 700 000 179 000 000 401 000 000 723 800 000 30% 217 140 000
CONNECT PLUS 24 000 000 48 000 000 83 000 000 120 000 000 187 000 000 462 000 000 20% 92 400 000
CLOUD STORAGE 129 000 322 000 1 376 000 1 903 000 10 818 980 14 548 980 50% 7 274 490
ONLINE PLUS 400 000 7 000 000 11 000 000 18 000 000 24 000 000 60 400 000 20% 12 080 000
SHORTLINK PLUS 12 000 000 19 500 000 36 200 000 48 900 000 54 000 000 170 600 000 30% 511 800
WEBINAR PLUS 1 600 000 4 000 000 9 000 000 16 000 000 24 000 000 54 600 000 25% 13 650 000
WEB PLUS 80 000 140 000 212 000 318 000 427 000 1 177 000 20% 235 400
ACADEMY 400 000 1 200 000 12 000 000 12 000 000 12 000 000 37 600 000 22% 8 272 000
X-PHONE 264 500 000 493 200 000 715 200 000 1 238 800 000 2 552 000 000 5 263 700 000 15% 789 555 000
DIGITAL DOUBLES 57 425 750 448 014 727 2 039 974 176 5 459 912 206 10 000 000 000 18 005 326 859 25% 450 133 171
DATABASE 290 879 197 089 1 395 739 2 228 184 6 025 328 10 137 219 40% 4 054 888
TOTAL 853 248 393 2 035 979 126 4 298 054 528 9 289 061 390 17 638 271 308 34 114 614 745 2 841 031 749
20 projects – 1 XWU token

And that's just the beginning!

Our team

Tokhir Tukhtarov
Tokhir Tukhtarov
Founder & CEO, Doctor of science in technology
International Academy of National Security of the United Europe
  • International Expert on Protecting Children from Online Violence CIPDH, Paris, France
  • International Independent Tribunal Consultant Reg. №137
  • International Consultant UN №890621
Awards name:
  • Order for professionalism and business reputation of the 1st degree
  • Golden Order of the Peacemaker for his contribution to the cause of peace
  • Diploma of the laureate of the public award «Irreproachable Reputation»
  • Business Leader «Award Winner 2018»
  • Asian Arab Chamber Business Awards
  • For contribution to the development of economic integration.
  • Award badge «Business Leader of the CIS»
  • Diploma of the finalist «Innovative project for the development of secure Internet «Green Internet»
Lyudmila Orekhova
Lyudmila Orekhova
Business Development Partner
Akhiyat Majitov
Akhiyat Majitov
Managing Director for International Relations
Alex Pokryshchenko
Alex Pokryshchenko
Director of X-WORLD International Legal Department
Konstantin Bychkov
Konstantin Bychkov
Project Development Director
Max Wayne
Max Wayne
Fullstack web programmer
Evgenii Shumeiko
Evgenii Shumeiko
Web3 & Blockchain Developer
Ivan Aksenov
Daniyar Jastalapuly
Daniyar Jastalapuly
Technical support
Demuri Djikiya
Demuri Djikiya
Technical support
Iliya Churakov
Evgenii Kuznetsov
Evgenii Kuznetsov
Majed Abdul Aziz Al-Turki
Majed Abdul Aziz Al-Turki


The foundation of the XWU token is operating businesses, the task of the token is to combine all the projects and enable its owners to receive special terms and participate in the profits of operating businesses. Accordingly, the projects are already generating revenue which creates liquidity for the token, which means the rate will grow.

Quite a big part of our infrastructure is blockchain-related, and we strongly believe that it is the future and even the present.

Token is a deliberate decision of the payment element of our entire infrastructure, which we approached in a deliberate and prepared manner.

Binance Smart Chain network is as reliable as possible. It is time-tested and proven by thousands of projects. Of course, we could make an equally reliable blockchain. The main reason is mass usage; most of cryptocurrency users are using this network now. In other words, we chose Binance Smart Chain network for the convenience of our tokens holders.
We are first and foremost entrepreneurs and we are building a long-term business, which means it is important for us to maintain a stable and growing rate of our main payment vehicle within the ecosystem. Our planning horizon is decades, so we see token as the future of the entire infrastructure with more and more projects to come.

Again, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs, not crypto HYIP funders, for whom it is important to quickly shoot liquidity and collapse the rate. Our task is to build long-term and reliable projects with a good foundation. That’s why shares of our companies are highly valued and are already being bought all over the world.

All this creates a good and right ground for the XWU token, which is why we are preparing for an IPO and want to build up on our capitalization.

At the moment you can buy a token from our bank for any currency or stabelcoins you like.
We live in a world where everything is changing rapidly, but the projects that we are developing are fundamental and highly demanded. Just look at our free operating system with internet and phone calls around the world! But we cannot give any guarantees, we can only show our 5-year growth story and predict what results together with you we are expecting.
Yes, for token owners who put it on hold there is a promotion, where you will be one of the first to get a new X-Phone as a gift, along with a SIM card, unlimited telephony and internet.

We have a lot of global plans. Our technologies really help to change the world for the better!

For example:

Neural networks will help in communication in different spheres of business and even personal relationships when looking for a life partner.

A blockchain-based database is a revolutionary solution for storing personal data.

Our star map is already used by NASA. Maybe we will be the first to establish extraterrestrial contact.

A marketplace that works like AliExpress only with 9 countries instead of just one has been needed for a long time.

Unlimited calls and unlimited internet access forever and for free we’ve already talked about that, don’t you agree that you would like that already now?!

In general, we are growing and developing very fast, and thanks to your support, the pace is only increasing.

Aladdin Market


ALADDIN MARKET is a multivendor electronic platform for the sale of consumer goods worldwide.

Our core mission is to

Connect the interests of buyers and sellers living in different corners of the world. To provide a comfortable service for buyers and favorable conditions for sellers.
Our activity is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses, increasing the recognition of private brands, emphasize the individuality of each producer, establish partnerships with exclusive world manufacturers.

Advantages of ALADDIN MARKET

Territory coverage.
To date, there is no platform that ensures the sale of products from all countries of the world from a single resource.

Our platform has been working with manufacturing companies from Turkey, South Korea, Europe and CIS countries since 2021. The list of partners will be constantly expanding to include new countries.

Our long-term plan is to make the ALADDIN MARKET accessible to people all over the world. And multilinguality and multicurrency of our service will be a big plus in a competitive environment.


X-Banking is a huge infrastructure with complex code and a lot of technical development. We employ the best experts from the world’s top commercial banks. The task of the bank in the overall infrastructure to create a single financial space for all projects. It was built with the expectation of millions of users, and creates a fundamental basis of confidence in the project. All bank activities are now focused on the success of the XWU token. Our main goal is to provide you with a secure and reliable tool for working with XWU and Crypto-currency in general.

Connect Plus

An innovative new generation messenger CONNECT, which integrates a huge number of functions.

None of the existing applications on the market today will give you as many convenient functions as there are in the new CONNECT application, which has integrated into its application about 14 services, including CRYPTCOLLECT.
CONNECT messenger has a high level of protection and securely saves not only your correspondence and personal data from external intrusion, but also your money when making quick transfers to another user, when running your business, when paying utility bills, ordering meals at home, cabs, goods and other services.

unique Functions. The most unique feature implemented in this application is the ability to make calls to more than 1 billion people on the planet. You can download the new CONNECT messenger for Android for free and communicate with the whole world for free, even if you don’t have CONNECT messenger installed.

Digital Doubles

General knowledge

The user who wants to engage in active sales can get a new tool to increase sales
Digital Doubles can correspond with an unlimited number of users.
The ability to use the digital twin for sales, information search, business partners and investors.

How it works

The digital twin is linked to any social network profile you choose.
He uses the strategy you set and is completely under your control as if he were a normal person.
The digital twin also receives the initial sales scripts from you and starts communicating with your potential clients.
You can get a digital twin for free.
We’ll hook you up with a digital twin if you apply in your personal account.
As you close your deals, we will offer you to connect your personal digital twin.

Video Plus

VIDEO PLUS – a video hosting service for hosting, storing and watching video content. The platform is developed by the programmers of X-WORLD and reflects the innovative concept of the video service with the aim of generating commercial profits for owners and users.
The VIDEO PLUS service features a variety of video categories: movies, animation, music videos, sports, news, politics, culture, religion, science, education, children’s games, entertainment, nature, practical tips, amateur recordings and more.
The VIDEO PLUS platform’s powerful software and storage center can handle the workload of 1.5 billion users. Scheduled software updates and tweaks occur monthly.

Business Tools

VIDEO PLUS service provides individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and corporations with all the business tools they need:

  • detailed statistics and channel analytics;
  • presentation of goods and services in video format;
  • ability to communicate with clients and customers;
  • built-in advertising for content monetization;
  • paid subscription to the business channel.

Comfort and Security

Any visitor of the site can watch free videos that he likes an unlimited number of times, use the filter and search system, and switch between channels.
In the player settings you can enable/disable auto playback, subtitles, set the speed, select the video quality (from 360p to 1080p and 4K for owners of a high-speed Internet).
All video files are stored on secure hosting for an unlimited amount of time.

VIDEO PLUS is an ideal platform for ordinary users, bloggers, businessmen and large corporations; the possibility of access to a huge audience and unlimited development possibilities.

Real Estate

We have included real estate in the list of projects affecting the token price factor. And not just any real estate objects for stability and preservation of a part of capital, but the objects that bring profit right now. For example, shopping centers and hotel complexes, as such properties are most stable and constantly bring profit, part of which also goes to the creation of XWU token liquidity. The company plans to increase the number of profitable real estate further.

Webinar Plus

Ideal solution for real time communication and collaboration with video, audio and screen sharing functions and built-in chat.

Built on modern web technologies

With many built-in features and components. Our platform allows users to communicate and collaborate through video conferencing, webinars, audio conferencing, live chat.

Multiple meeting types

Supports video conferencing, live streaming, webinars, audio conferencing and podcasts.

Updated regularly

We will update our platform regularly, adding new features and fixes.

Secure and Protected

Encryption is a mandatory feature of our platform and applies to all components in the system.

Single-page application

Reduces the number of requests to the server, reduces load times, reduces bandwidth usage and improves user interaction.

Web Plus

Create a site you’re proud of!

Discover a platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your online presence exactly the way you want.

Custom Domains

Join your own domain or use one of the free subdomains.

Attractive design

Our easy-to-use designer will help you quickly create and launch a beautiful website.

Grow Your Business

Create your own quality websites. No matter what type of website you have, you can do it with Site Builder.

This and more awaits you on

Chat Plus

Chat is a way of communication and creation of interest groups without being blocked by governments of different countries. Chat opens all the borders and allows people in the countries where video, audio calls and information transfer are forbidden to communicate openly and safely use the infrastructure of facilitating their communication.

Pochta Plus

This service is designed for both personal and business use. In it you can adapt both functionality and design. But the main advantage of the service is the ability to synchronize with your built-in calendar and contact list, so you get all the functionality you need for business correspondence in one place.

Sky Map

The authors – a union of people who are constantly working on the study of space and collect data from private laboratories and government agencies in different countries on a single portal SKY-MAP.ORG – believe that most people today are too focused on their daily lives and do not have enough time to talk about outer space. A person who understands the ways of the universe will see Earth through different eyes. Our planet is so small and vulnerable that any small accident on a cosmic scale could instantly destroy us all. The universe is vast, and humans are incredibly insignificant in an infinite space full of unknown dangers. From this point of view, all our mutual rivalry seems ridiculous, to say the least.

The authors of SKY MAP would like to believe that by presenting the universe to people, it is possible to change their attitude toward our planet, life itself, and each other. The authors believe that understanding one’s own place in the universe gives people inner freedom, the ability to value themselves and to focus on the real rather than the futile.

The authors are convinced that SKY MAP, with its enormous educational and scientific potential, can play an important role in popularizing the science of the universe. The authors hope that they can draw people’s attention to a task that almost no one spends time thinking about in their daily lives–the task of SURVIVING THE UNIVERSE.

The authors suggest that this is a delicate and difficult goal, and that the more people take this goal to heart, the greater the chance of human survival.

Search Service

The main task of the company is to create a multilingual, interdenominational, multicultural international Internet platform, based on the principles of Internet security.

The main value of the company is to meet the interests of users who require a secure Internet with a lot of quality resources and services.

Our mission is to make the world a cleaner and better place by providing a safe virtual environment for free online communication, education and business development.

Our principles

Our activity is based on the principles of safety, morality, responsibility, purity of relations and human values. We strive to help people solve their problems and achieve their goals in life, regardless of where they live, their age, nationality, social status or religion.

We develop convenient services that bring concrete benefits to people and give them new opportunities to work, learn, relax and solve everyday problems. We take responsibility for the applications and services we develop for millions of users.

We constantly invest in anti-spam, anti-flooding, protection of personal user data. We strictly filter content for the promotion of alcohol, drugs, pornography, smoking, child suicide, gambling. We do not develop technologies for military purposes.

We use our users’ data only to ensure proper operation of applications and services. We carefully protect personal data and adhere to our privacy policy. We allow disclosure of data only in accordance with the law and at the request of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

We are open to our users. Recognizing mistakes and keeping up to date we are not afraid to close some resources and services. It is much more important for us to develop new, better software that is as helpful and convenient for our users as possible.

We respect other global and national companies. We support fair competition: we do not criticize publicly, but take responsibility for ourselves and our work. We believe that every user has the right to choose which services to use.

Disk Plus

A new home for your files.

Secure cloud storage, sharing and working with files (text documents, audio and video content).

Ability to download, backup, manage and access your files for free on any device from anywhere.


Store photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and more. Your first 15GB of storage is free.

See your stuff anywhere. Your files on Be Drive can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Share files and folders. You can quickly invite other users to browse, download, and collaborate on all the files you need.

Keep your files safe. If something happens to your device, you don’t have to worry about losing your files or photos – they’re in your BeDrive. And the drive is SSL-encrypted.

Online Plus

This BUSINESS PLATFORM is not a usual social network.

First of all, THIS PLATFORM IS FOR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, BUSINESS OF ANY KIND. Here everyone can conduct business meetings, correspondence, work with video, audio and any other files.
Business network is designed for business communication, for people who appreciate the time and productive work. For those who want to find partners, contractors or experts.
Simple and clear platform focuses your attention on the work and is designed to make it easy for you to do your tasks.

Photogram Plus

PHOTOGRAM PLUS is a video and image hosting, storage and retrieval platform with great potential and a great vision for the future. The platform currently supports 8 languages. The platform is in beta-testing stage, but an updated version will be released in the next few weeks and there will be gradual updates in the future, as the system is constantly being improved and modified.

Store Plus

A store for apps, games and multimedia that allows users to purchase and install apps for the Android operating system. Here you can also download all the applications of our projects, for a better experience from your phone.

Academy Plus

Academy of video courses, an educational space on the Internet.

We are a leading online learning platform.

A platform for those who want to learn something new or improve their skills.
Explore some of our most popular materials and learn something new.

You can also host your own courses on the platform. Organize, automate and monitor your training to grow your business and increase your income.


Ties is another potential unicorn in our collection of projects! Probably not everyone will understand what is unique about decentralized database that can contain Big Data on blockchain technology, and even after reading our Yellow Book (link) – scientific research that cost us more than $100k not to mention the development itself, it still may not be completely clear why this project has a very high chance to get capitalization of more than a billion dollars in the near future. In simple terms, all you do and see on the internet is Big Data. The world’s largest corporations store and collect Big Data users considering it one of their most valuable resources. Big Data is constantly being hacked and stolen, causing problems for corporations and users alike. It is the task of Ties to solve this problem. The scope is huge: Social Networks, Marketplaces, Knowledge Bases, Data Warehouse, Open Document Resources, Media, Superdata Arrays.

Additional Income Opportunities for token holders

Token is a link between all companies and a payment tool that allows interaction with users (system participants) and the company in the new web 3.0 format.
As well as providing the opportunity to generate income for each user of the single ecosystem.

For example:

  • Watch to Earn – applying the concept of watch and earn to introduce the audience to interesting and useful content, as well as companies’ products and news of innovative development of the industry.
  • Crypto Banking – makes it easy to use tokens in your everyday life and get extra bonuses for owning a token.
  • IP Shares – Allows you to become the official owner with the legal registration of a part of the company.
  • Courses / Training – Implemented solution, when you can get cashback for taking courses and training in the flesh up to 100% of its cost.
  • Marketplace – Now you’re not just buying products for tokens, but also get income between purchases from token ownership and personal account, from evaluations and any activity manifested in the Marketplace.
  • Play market and Video / Photo services – You get income for uploading your videos and photos on the service in which all the content belongs to you and you directly get income from its advertising and even decide how much.

This is just a small part of the revenue opportunities within the X-World Union ecosystem.

Disclaimer of liability

This document is a contractual agreement between X-WORLD PLUS, hereinafter referred to as the Company. The information contained below is not exhaustive, does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship, and is for informational purposes only. This document is intended to provide brief information about the Company only. This information is subject to update and change without notice. Should such changes occur, a revised version of this document will be uploaded to our website. Distribution of this document, in whole or in part, requires written permission. The cryptocurrency we produce will be referred to as XWU coins, but to avoid confusion, we will refer to it as “XWU”. As of the date of this white paper, XWU tokens have no potential use outside of our platform ecosystem and will not be traded on third-party exchanges in any form. This project document does not constitute advice or recommendation on behalf of the Company, its officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, consultants, advisors, etc. to any recipient of this document regarding the benefits of participating in an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”).

No part of this document shall be construed as an invitation to participate or an investment, nor shall it be construed as an offer to purchase any securities or an invitation to make such an offer in any jurisdiction. This document has not been prepared pursuant to, and is not subject to, any law designed to protect investors. The XWU token is a service token. It is not a digital (electronic) currency, security, commodity or other financial instrument and has not been registered under the US Securities Act of 1933. It is not subject to the securities laws of the United States or any other country or jurisdiction in which the potential token holder resides.

XWU tokens may not be used for any purpose other than those described in the White Paper, in particular for investment, speculative or other financial purposes. XWU tokens are not intended for sale or use in any jurisdiction where the sale or use of digital tokens may be prohibited, including the AOU or the United States. XWU tokens may not be used for any purpose other than those described in this White Paper. Except as expressly set forth in that, XWU tokens do not grant any other rights in any form, including but not limited to ownership rights, distribution rights (including but not limited to profits), redemption rights, liquidation rights, ownership rights (including any form of intellectual property) and any other financial or legal rights. Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained herein are forward-looking statements.

These statements and information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, and actual events or results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. The White Paper may be revised to provide greater detail. The original and official source of information about XWU tokens is this document, written in Russian. The information contained in this document may be translated into other languages, if necessary, and may be used in written or oral communications to existing and potential customers, partners, and others.

During the process of translation and transmission, some of the information contained in this document may be lost, misrepresented or distorted. We do not guarantee the accuracy of such alternative communications. In the event of any inconsistency between translations, communications and the official English language documentation, the provisions of the official English language documentation shall prevail.

The ICO is our sale of XWU tokens. Participation in an ICO involves substantial risks and may involve certain risks that could result in the loss of all or a substantial portion of such investment. Do not participate in an ICO unless you are prepared to lose the entire amount allocated to purchase XWU tokens. XWU tokens should not be purchased for speculative or investment purposes with profit or quick resale in mind.

The future performance or value of XWU tokens relates to intrinsic value and recurring charges, and there is no guarantee that XWU tokens will have any particular value. XWU tokens do not provide the ability to exchange for cryptocurrency or regular currency. XWU tokens are not securities and are not traded as such; XWU tokens are sold as a functional product and all proceeds are at our disposal in accordance with the terms set forth in this draft document.

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Airdrops and bounty programs Fund

The purpose of distribution:
Earnings for platform users. Bounty/Airdrop/Lotteries, etc.

Distribution conditions:
Total reserve is 1% of all tokens

Unlock schedule:
70,370,000 – number of tokens
1% of the total issue
This amount is only an additional part to the marketing, which will be given to the community at the pre-listing stage for those who believe in us.
The fund is unlocked.

Ambassadors and Advisors Fund

The purpose of distribution:
Strategic advisors and experts who will assist in the development and growth of the project, key partners, supporters and ambassadors.

Distribution conditions:
In total, the reserve is 1% of all tokens.

Unlock schedule:
70,370,000 – number of tokens
1% of the total issue
Freeze for 3 months. Gradual release over 12 months.

Development Fund for active projects

The purpose of distribution:
Allocation of part of the emission to finance the development of existing projects.

Unlock schedule:
2,251,840,000 – number of tokens
32% of the total issue

Gradual unlocking over 36 months.
Further plans for the development of existing projects are outlined in the roadmap.

New directions development Fund

Distribution objective:
We have many plans for development, we see how quickly the world around us is changing due to new technologies, so we allocate part of the issue to finance the development of new, as yet unknown projects.

Distribution conditions:
A total of 5.5% of the total issue is allocated for the development of new areas. The fund is flexible, so the actual allocation of funds after unlocking occurs by decision of the founders and the project team for specific new directions.

Unlock schedule:
387,035,000 – number of tokens
5.5% of the total issue
12-month freeze, gradual release within 24 months.

Further plans:
For the development of each new direction, the project team creates a plan with a justification of the funding schedule. Then the plan is coordinated with the founders, communicated to the team and implemented in accordance with the funding schedule.

Metaverse Fund

The purpose of distribution:
The funds will be used for the development of the meta-universe.

Unlock schedule:
387,035,000 – number of tokens
5.5% of the total issue
Gradual unlocking over 12 months

Metaworld development plan – integration with Unreal Engine 5 development, which allows you to instantly access the metaworld without installing any applications and at any speed of the Internet. The most modern visuals close to reality and the range of features as in the real world. The integration will consist of 2 components: 1 – creating a space in the meta universe, 2 – creating a user interface with all the features of X-World Union.

Marketing Fund

The purpose of distribution:
Successful development at different stages requires the conclusion of appropriate mutually beneficial partnerships with market leaders, attracting the help of experts, as well as the use of other marketing tools.
An appropriate fund is allocated for financial support of this direction.
Payment for PR and marketing activities (including bloggers, opinion leaders, etc.). Will be used to support future product development, ecosystem growth and needs.
The greatest support is required at the beginning of development, so the volume of unlocking decreases every year.

Distribution conditions:
A total of 19.5% of the total issue is allocated to marketing, partners and advisors

Unlock schedule:
1,372,215,000 – number of tokens
19.5% of the total issue
Gradual unlocking over 18 months

Founders Fund

The purpose of distribution:
To start and support a project in its early stages, the founders and early main investors are required to attract substantial resources: financial, time, organizational, etc.
Therefore, to partially reimburse these investments, a share of the total issue is allocated to the founders’ fund, which will be used to the extent of the unlocked volumes.

Distribution conditions:
In total, the founders’ fund is 5% of the total issue.
Provision is made for the gradual unlocking of tokens in equal shares.

Unlock schedule:
351,850,000 – number of tokens
5% of the total issue
Gradual unlocking over 24 months

Further plans:
Tokens can be used at the founders’ discretion in any proportion: to partially cover their investments, to increase any of the other funds, for reinvestments, etc.

Team Fund

The purpose of distribution:
The team should have an incentive to keep working on improving existing products and creating new ones after a successful token sale. Gradually unlocking the team’s tokens ensures interest in making the company better by providing increasing value to the growing community.
Also included in this fund are expenses for technical support of work processes.

Distribution conditions:
A total of 7% of all tokens have been allocated for teamwork and technical support, which will be gradually unlocked every quarter in equal installments over the course of 6 years.

Unlock schedule:
492,590,000 – number of tokens
7% of the total issue
Gradual unlocking over 24 months

Further plans:
Gradually unlocking the team’s fund makes it possible to redistribute incentives and provide adequate rewards to new team members and in cases where, for one reason or another, people or roles and task sizes are rotated within the team.

Security Fund

The purpose of distribution:
We care about the reliability and security of the company, so we allocate part of the issue to this area. Some of the funds will be used to audit smart contracts, and some will be used for the Bounty program. The Bounty program pays rewards for finding vulnerabilities in projects.

Distribution conditions:
A total of 4% of all tokens are allocated for auditing smart contracts and other It developments to pay for vulnerability detection, which will be gradually unlocked every quarter in equal installments over 6 years.

Unlock schedule:
281,480,000 – number of tokens
4% of the total issue
The fund is unblocked

Further plans:
If funding proves insufficient, the fund can be replenished from other more flexible funds. If unblocked funds are not fully utilized during the quarter for their intended purpose, they are transferred to the meta-universe fund or to other funds, including technical support funds, as needed.

Charity Fund

Distribution objective:
Charity is a very important part of any successful project, so we allocate part of the issue to the corresponding fund. The funds will be used to support socially important projects in the metacommunity.

Distribution conditions:
A total of 3% of all tokens are allocated for charity, which will be gradually unlocked every quarter in equal installments over six years.

Unlocking schedule:
211,110,000 – number of tokens
3% of the total issue
Gradual unlocking over 36 months

Further plans:
If the amount of funding is not used in full during the quarter, the funds remain in the fund until a sufficient number of socially significant projects emerge. Funds may not be used for other purposes.

Reserve Fund

The purpose of distribution:
To ensure the stability and flexibility of the company, part of the issue is allocated as reserves. The funds will be used for emergency purposes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Distribution conditions:
In total, the reserve is 3% of all tokens, which will be gradually unlocked every quarter in equal installments over six years.

Unlock schedule:
211,110,000 – number of tokens
3% of the total issue
The fund is unblocked

Further plans:
The fund is used only in extreme cases to maintain the stability of the company. If there is no need for unlocked funds, they remain in the fund and are not used for other purposes.